New review for Rislone Head Gasket Fix - 25 Apr 2016

Rislone Head Gasket Fix 41111

Part Number 41111

Review April 2016

Author: Sebastian Duggin

Location: Australia

Review: I used it on a 94 Toyota Camry V6 which was running on five cylinders and using 2ltrs of coolant each drive. Within 45mins of using the product the car was running like new on all 6 cylinders and there was no more steam vapour from the tail pipe. Im really impressed with the product and would highly recommend.


Rating: 5

Review April 2016

Author: Nick

Location: Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Review: I have a Ford Explorer that I was putting 1 litre of water a day into the radiator & saw water coming out the exhaust. I put a bottle of Rislone in the cooling system & within 30 mins it was fixed. It saved me $1500-$1800 in repairs. I can\'t praise this product enough & highly recommend it to anyone one the same position I was in. Just do it you won\'t be disappointed. Thanks Rislone!!