Archive: April, 2016

New review for Rislone Head Gasket Fix - 25 Apr 2016

Rislone Head Gasket Fix 41112

I used it on a 94 Toyota Camry V6 which was running on five cylinders and using 2ltrs of coolant each drive. Within 45mins of using the product the car was running like new on all 6 cylinders and there was no more steam vapour from the tail pipe. Im really impressed with the product and would highly recommend.

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New review for Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal - 01 Apr 2016

Rislone Testiment ad 44448

I was about to sell my old Honda CRV due to massive amounts of smoke and rough idle, I had a fresh oil change and it got worse, I looked for anything and found your product in my local parts store 'supercheap' and thought it cant hurt. I put the whole bottle in and went for a drive around 3 hours, still smoking a small amount but after 3 days now no smoke and the idle is perfect! Some how it has more power and my fuel usage is much better. Not sure if your product is witchcraft or what but MY GOD DOES IT WORK!!!

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