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July 12, 2017

The vFan Gravity System is a portable spray system that delivers just about any liquid medium or coating that you can think of, paints primers, glues, stains, etc. and allows the user to fully control the flow from a 1⁄16″ fine line detail to a 3″ fan pattern on small surfaces. Our professional spray system delivers the exact color you want with no adulteration or tint changes.

Kit Includes:





With the vFan Gravity, gravity itself acts as a siphon for the product while retaining all of the versatility of the original and unlike other comparable gravity fed airbrushes, your medium is securely contained within the cup using our threaded lid. No matter how you hold the vFan, your paint will never spill out. Complete portability when used with Preval's 150 Feet of ENERGY and it works with air compressors. Its technology-based system can be found in production facilities globally. No matter what the finish is. No matter where the touch-up is. The stainless steel and brass designed vFan Airbrush System is a "work horse" and delivers a 1/16" detail to 3" fan spray pattern when spraying lacquer, exterior/interior paints, wood stains, latex, clear coats, solvent-based paints and more.

The dual-action system is designed to be powered by our cans of compressed air, 150 Feet of ENERGY Code: 0170 (not included), and is also compatible with any standard pneumatic power source. Unit is compatible with solvent or water based products.

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Now Available - SAS PREMIUM DISPOSABLE GLOVES - 10 Jul 2017

SAS offer a variety of nitrile, latex and vinyl disposable gloves ranging in thickness from 4 mil to 14 mil.  SAS gloves are specially designed for durability, comfort and ultra grip, powder or powder free.  Looking for a premium glove?  Choose the Raven™, Astro-Grip™ or Thickster™; all ready to provide you excellent performance, superior comfort and fit.


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Have you noticed that your car is consuming oil? It might be leaking oil, or even burning it in small amounts that you can’t detect. There’s no need to worry or spend your money on a costly repair bill, however. Our Rislone Professional Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair quickly and safely restores valve seals so you can get back on the road and back to your life.

The most common cause of valve seal leaks is age and/or high mileage. The seal can also leak due to the vehicle being stored for an extended period of time. Extended storage in particular causes drying and hardening of the seal which leads to shrinking and cracking, and consequently leaking. Use Rislone Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair to reverse aging damage and stop oil consumption dead in its tracks. Not to mention, it works with ALL gasoline and diesel engines using conventional, high mileage and synthetic oil.

dosage: One bottle treats oil capacity from 4 litres to 6 litres.
size: 500ml
  • Repair Valve Stem Seal Leaks
  • Stop Blue Exhaust Smoke
  • Reduce Oil Consumption


CODE: 44223

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Now Available - Preval Products Professional D.I.Y Worldwide Spray Solutions - 22 Sep 2016

Preval, established in 1969, is the industry leader for spray and touch-up solutions. Preval stands alone in the paint industry with a full line of complementary spray products and accessories, designed to make spraying convenient and effective for the PRO and DIY user. Precision-based technology, with a low environmental impact, allows the Preval user to atomize coatings, paints and chemicals at nano-sized droplets ~ providing amazing versatility with the ability to deliver both ultra-thin and thick coatings, achieving professional level results.




The Preval Sprayer allows you to spray up to 473ml of almost any paint or liquid. Sprays Water-Based, Latex-Based and Oil-Based Paints, Acrylics, Alkyds, Clear Coats, Enamels, Epoxys, Gel Coats, Lacquers, Leather Dyes, Polyurethanes, Primers, Rust Inhibitors, Stains, Varnishes, Waterproofers, 2k Coatings & much more. The Preval Sprayer is easy and efficient to use.


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Latest Reviews for Head Gasket Fix - 25 Apr 2016

New review for Head Gasket Fix

Part Number41111


Review April 2016

Author: Sebastian Duggin

Location: Australia

Review: I used it on a 94 Toyota Camry V6 which was running on five cylinders and using 2ltrs of coolant each drive. Within 45mins of using the product the car was running like new on all 6 cylinders and there was no more steam vapour from the tail pipe. Im really impressed with the product and would highly recommend.

Rating: 5


Review April 2016

Author: Nick

Location: Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Review: I have a Ford Explorer that I was putting 1 litre of water a day into the radiator & saw water coming out the exhaust. I put a bottle of Rislone in the cooling system & within 30 mins it was fixed. It saved me $1500-$1800 in repairs. I can\'t praise this product enough & highly recommend it to anyone one the same position I was in. Just do it you won\'t be disappointed. Thanks Rislone!!

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New review for Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal - 01 Apr 2016

Part Number: 44447


Author: Cliff Bartram

Location: Brisbane, Australia.

Review: I was about to sell my old Honda CRV due to massive amounts of smoke and rough idle, I had a fresh oil change and it got worse, I looked for anything and found your product in my local parts store 'supercheap' and thought it cant hurt. I put the whole bottle in and went for a drive around 3 hours, still smoking a small amount but after 3 days now no smoke and the idle is perfect! Some how it has more power and my fuel usage is much better. Not sure if your product is witchcraft or what but MY GOD DOES IT WORK!!!

Rating: 5

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Rislone Rear Main Seal Repair - 15 Sep 2015

The most common cause of a rear main seal leak or any other engine oil leak is usually age or high mileage, however, a leak can be caused when a vehicle is stored for an extended period of time, or when it has run low on oil. This causes the drying and hardening of the seal, leading to shrinking, cracking and tearing.

Rislone Rear Main Seal Repair works in two ways to repair all engine seal leaks, firstly, the seal restoring additives restore seal size, flexibility and elasticity, and secondly the seal polymer works by building a polymeric film around the rear main seal and also filling in any groove worn into the crankshaft by the seal. Rear Main Seal Repair restores the seal to like-new condition and also contains additives to stop leaks in severely worn seals and crankshafts.

Even though Rislone Rear Main Seal Repair is specifically designed to seal rear main leaks, it works better than a conventional stop leak, on all engine oil leaks, including timing cover seal, cam seals, O-rings and other seals and gaskets. Rislone Rear Main Seal Repair works with ALL petrol and diesel engines using conventional, high mileage and synthetic oil. It contains no particles so will not clog your oil filter.

For more information about the full line of Rislone premium performance chemicals, freephone 1800 883 888


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Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment – for light to medium duty applications - 21 May 2014

Diesel engines are no longer just for heavy duty trucks, more car manufacturer’s are jumping on board and delivering us diesel engine options within their everyday ranges, BMW, Mazda, Jeep, Porsche, Volkswagen and Audi to name a few, already deliver diesel engine options. Plus there are thousands of diesel utes on the roads.

As the demand for the diesel engine increases, so does the demand for products to keep these vehicles running efficiently, this is where RISLONE DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM TREATMENT  comes in, it is specifically designed as a complete system tune up for light to medium duty diesel vehicles.

When used every 8,000kms, RISLONE DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM TREATMENT increases vehicle power, performance and mileage. It’s 500ml dual cavity package contains the equivalent of a full bottle of each of the six crucial additives, that work together to clean, lubricate and protect the diesel engine.

·         ULSD sulfur substitute lubricity additive

·         Injector and complete fuel system cleaner

·         UCL pump and injector lubricant

·         Anti-gel cold flow improver

·         Fuel stabiliser and conditioner

·         Cetane booster and diesel treatment

Most diesel additives available are designed for large, heavy duty trucks which is why RISLONE DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM TREATMENT is formulated and packaged to meet the specific needs of diesel powered cars and light to medium trucks. RISLONE DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM TREATMENT features a patent pending disposable spout that makes it easy to pour in your fuel tank without spilling. The spout has been designed to fit only diesel fuel systems, to prevent the product from being accidentally poured into a petrol system. It is also compatible with aftermarket and factory anti-misfueling devices which prevent petrol from being poured into diesel powered vehicles.


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Versatile Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner Solves Fuel System and Engine Issues - 01 May 2014

Don’t be fooled by it’s name, RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER does much more than just clean your engine’s fuel injectors. When used regularly, the super concentrated additives quiet noisy injectors, fuel pumps, while soothing rough idle, eliminating hard starts, increasing power and lubricating the entire fuel system. Plus, RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER includes Rislone’s proprietary Upper Cylinder Lubricant, which extends engine life.

RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER is a complete fuel system tune-up, before going to work in the engine, this multipurpose formula lubricates cylinders, rings, pistons, valves and guides. The benefits start in the fuel tank, where the RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER helps prevent rust and corrosion, it is compatible with modern fuels, including unleaded petrol, flex fuel, E10, E15, E85, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and other bio blends.

RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER lubricates the fuel lines and fuel pump, ensuring quiet operation, it then moves through the injectors, where it eliminates deposits like gum and varnish. Injectors can only operate to maximum potential if they are clean, carbon build up causes pre-ignition, power loss, burned valves and even broken rings.

Rislone developed the Upper Cylinder Lubricant you will find in RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER to form a protective barrier inside the cylinder, preventing carbon from sticking and deposits building up. Carbon is burned off and exits with the exhaust.

RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER is packaged in Rislone’s new EZ Nozzle bottle so it can be used in all vehicles, including those with capless or obstructed fuel systems. The built in flow valve ensures you have enough time to insert the bottle properly before before the product pours out. The patent pending Rislone EZ Nozzle opens the fuel system safety door allowing the additive to flow in smoothly, without the need for funnels or other ancillary equipment.

RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER works in all fuel injected, turbo, direct injected and carbureted engines. Simply pour the entire bottle into the fuel tank, 177ml of RISLONE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER treats 75L of petrol or diesel.

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Chemical Additive Myths - 05 Sep 2013

Every day, we talk to customers who are reluctant to use another chemical fix because they’ve been burned in the past. They have every reason to doubt: many chemical fix products are more marketing than engineering. Too often, they don’t work.

What’s a company who makes products that have been working since 1921 to do?

The hard truth is that the market for chemical fixes is not unlike other markets: there are good products, products you’d describe as mediocre, and products that do little or nothing to help the customer.

Unfortunately, the reputation of good products gets taken along for the ride when lesser products prove to be disappointments.

Our products have been around since 1921 and have since become the premium brand of chemical stop-leaks solutions and engine/oil/fuel treatments. Our formulations get used in fleet, military, industrial and dozens of other specialty applications. Today, many automakers use our products in their assembly operations as OEM treatments. Rislone even helped the famous Admiral Richard Byrd during his expedition to the South Pole, where Rislone itslef played a key factor in helping Byrd’s team successfully transport mechanized equipment through the harshest environment on Earth.

Here are some common chemical fix myths dispelled:

I’ve been told stop leak products will clog up my radiator and cooling system, and could even make my problem worse.

Regarding claims that our products will ‘clog up’ your system or exacerbate the problem, they’re positively not true – for our products. However, the reality is that many folks use other brands and encounter problems, and we suffer their reputation. If you check out our product testimonials, you’ll realize our products are of a much higher grade than some of the others in the market. Our Liquid Aluminum Cooling System Stop Leak (p/n 41186), Liquid Radiator Stop Leak and Conditioner (p/n 41194) and Super Radiator Flush (p/n 41201), represent the very best and safest chemical solutions for your cooling system.

I’ve been told chemical fixes can’t seal my leak and that I need a hard repair.

No chemical fix can repair all leaks. In some cases, the leak may be severe and require a hard fix by an authorized mechanic. Still, we invite our customers to contact us if they have any doubt about our products’ performance or need help in choosing what product will work best for them. You can contact our distributor on the web, hit us up on Facebook, or call the Smits Group at 1800 883 888 (Australia) or 0800 227 422 (New Zealand).

Can a chemical fix really repair a blown head gasket?

Yes and no. Let’s take the no side first: if you have a severely warped head, broken head bolts, or a large leak, then no chemical solution will be able to solve your problem. Unfortunately, you need a hard fix.

For mild to moderate leaks – including minor head warping issues – yes, we can help. Our award-winning head gasket repair product is formulated with various fiber types (carbon fiber, aramid, refractory, etc.) which we grind and engineer to exact specifications in our labs. Fibers of the correct type and length are critical to repair high-pressure leaks. If you were building a bridge, you wouldn’t dream of doing it without using rebar. In chemical head gasket repair products, fibers are the rebar.

If your vehicle has its cooling system at proper level and the vehicle can run 15 minutes or more without overheating, Rislone can help seal your head gasket leak.

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Petrol Fuel System Treatment - 10 Jul 2012

Rislone Petrol Fuel System Treatment contains valve cleaners to reduce carbon build up, and moisture reducers to eliminate water from the fuel and keep it stabilised. This scientifically blended additive helps eliminate noisy injectors and fuel pumps, rough idling and hard starting or hesitation, it will not void your manufacturer’s warranty and is safe to use in vehicles with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

Rislone Petrol Fuel System Treatment improves the quality of petrol by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication, removing contaminants, reducing spark knock and helping to prevent the fuel from going bad. It is the complete 8,000km Fuel system tune up.

Rislone Petrol Fuel System Treatment can be used with all unleaded, LPG, Ethanol E10, E85 and flex fuel blended petrol, and works with fuel injected, direct injected and carburetor engines.

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Cooling System Repair - 10 Jul 2012

It has twice the performance of other products and is the ultimate in cooling system additives. Scientifically formulated to stop coolant leaks and reduce antifreeze/coolant loss, while correcting other cooling system problems to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns. Rislone Cooling System Repair features Xtreme Cool to reduce surface tension, which stops overheating and reduces water temperature. This premium solution works on all 4, 6, 8 and 10 cylinder vehicles and in any petrol, turbocharged or diesel engines. This versatile cooling system solution can be used with all types and colours of antifreeze coolant/and or water, in most instances it will stop leaks instantly, and it will add future protection to your cooling system.


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Diesel Fuel System Treatment - 08 Jul 2012

The upper cylinder lubricant pump and Injector Lubricant help to reduce fuel consumption by cleaning and lubricating the entire fuel system. Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment contains an anti-gel cold flow improver and moisture reducers to eliminate water from the fuel and keep it stabilised. This scientifically blended additive helps eliminate black smoke, fuel gelling, clogged injectors, rough idle and hard starting, it will not void your manufacturer’s warranty and is safe to use in diesel vehicles with converters, particulate filters or that use DEF systems.

Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment improves the quality of diesel fuel by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication, removing contaminants, fighting corrosion and helping to prevent the fuel from gelling and going bad. It is the complete 8,000km fuel system tune up.

Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment can be used with all ULSD Diesel, Regular Diesel and BioDiesel blends, and works with all direct injected, IDI, Intercooled and Turbocharged Engines.

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2102 Aftermarket Industry Awards - 10 Apr 2012

The 2012 Aftermarket Industry Awards is just around the corner, and voting is now open to give you, your chance to support the company, car, car club, ambassador you think is most deserving of an award.

The Industry Awards is run by 4 and Rotary Promotions, but is not just about the import scene, it is about the whole car industry, which has a strong following in New Zealand.

Smits Group is absolutely blown away that we have been nominated for several awards in the 2012 Industry Awards.

Our nominations are:

Best support of the import industry by a company.
The criteria: Best support of the industry through involvement in the scene, including sponsorship, promotion and support in a positive and constructive manner.

V8 Wholesaler/distributor of the year
The criteria: Promotion, scene involvement, innovation, customer service and support of the scene

Best support of the V8 industry by a company
The criteria: Support of the industry through involvement in the scene, including sponsorship, promotion and support.

The Rislone 20B Dragster is also nominated for an award in the Import Drag car of the year category.
The criteria: Build quality, performance, looks, results.

We would like to ask for your support in casting a quick couple of votes for us, by visiting this link and pressing the like button. We really love to support the industry and being recognised for it makes everything worth while.

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Rislone Dragster at 4 & Rotary Nationals 2012 - 06 Feb 2012

It has been a couple of full on weekends for the NZ Rislone Dragster team, firstly was the 4 & Rotary Nationals drags held on the 29 Jan. Charlie Bate's was up against the twin turbo Ford Cortina from Australia, where Charlie finished the race ahead with a 7.2 second run at 296kmh, pushing Charlie through to the finals up agains Kiwi RIP's dragster. Kiwi RIP started off with a lead, Chalie catching up and passing at the halfway point, but loosing traction over the bumps and having to back off - an extremely close and exciting race. Yesterday's Drag Combat was another action packed day, the Rislone dragster has a second waste gate added allowing better control of the boost. Charlie qualified 1st in the Rislone dragster with a 7.1 second at 308kmh. Charlie won the next two races taking him into the finals against Brent Curran's RX2, where Charlie ran a 7.4 second run against Brent's 7.8 second run.



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Rislone Dragster fastest 1/4 mile pass in NZ - 13 Dec 2011

This was the first meet of the season, with Chalie Bates behind the wheel, and delivering a whopping 6.996 quarter mile at 182 mph, on Sunday 13th November at Fram Autolite Dragway in Meremere. Thus setting the record for the first six second rotary pass in New Zealand!


Competition 2 - 15th January 2012

Competition 3 - 11th February 2012

Compeititon 4 - 4th March 2012

As the season progresses we are set to see some more amazing results, so keep an eye out on our website and facebook pages for more updates.


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Rislone Engine Treatment - 31 Jul 2011

Rislone Tech Tip


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Rislone Commercial - 24 Jul 2011

Check out our Rislone commercial!


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Rislone Now Available in Australia - 16 May 2011


“We Have the Solution

The Rislone range of automotive chemicals is finally available in Australia, exclusively at Supercheap Auto nationwide.

Rislone, founded in 1921 by the Shaler Company and acquired in 2006 by The Mermuys family, was one of the original automotive chemical additives and today offers a wide range of solution based products for your everyday automotive problems. 

The flagship Rislone Engine Treatment has been America’s best selling treatment for over 80 years. It removes engine-damaging sludge, varnish, and deposits from valves and lifters, as well as ring and piston grooves to restore and equalize compression in all cylinders, returning lost engine power. Other Rislone products include Rislone Head Gasket Fix, Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal, Rislone Block Seal Liquid Copper, a full range of unique two part repair products, Rislone Injector Cleaner - to name a few.

Throughout its history, Rislone has provided enhanced engine performance in a wide variety of ways to users from the US military to automotive OEM and more.

For more stockist or product information freephone 1-800-883-888 or click here

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